• Toronto-based startup MagniWare announced last week that it has created what it dubs “a quantitative second skin” set to launch this fall. Called the Magni, the wearable measures in at 5×3 cm and only 2.5 mm thick, and can be placed anywhere on your body to track your health through multiple sensors.

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    Crazy DIY stuff.

  • This is an incredible disaster on Quirky / Wink’s part. There’s so many lessons to be learned here:

    • Where possible, updates should be initiated locally and not mass distributed
    • Where mass distributed, roll out should be over time
    • All devices should be resettable to factory state locally
    • You cannot depend on cloud services for access your things; ultimately you need to be able to control your things without the Internet being around
    • The poo will really hit the fan when it’s not bricking but giving up access to your home

    The issue began at 12:40pm and lasted until roughly 11:00pm (eastern times). Wink says a “majority” of their hubs managed to recover from the bad software patch and are now reconnected. Unfortunately for customers whose hubs are still offline, the company says they will need to be sent back for replacement.

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    Apple Watch.

    Apple Watch.

  • Technical and detailed.

  • This is an app provided by Desjardins Insurance that promises up to a 25% saving on insurance if you use it (with them, I assume). It does not require plug-in hardware and works on recent iOS and Android mobiles, but not tablets. It monitors your driving and gives you a score that determines your discount, updated daily.

  • Maybe its lots of things coming together. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a non-tech entrepreneur; how would you even start?

  • I’m a couple of years away from this anyway, though they look damned sharp. One reason I assume is Apple doesn’t have the capability or licenses to push Apple provided 4K content to its users.

  • I guess these guys weren’t happy when Amazon Dash launched, even though it’s more powerful in concept.

  • Monday Note on the Amazon Dash, Echo, the “basket of remotes” problem. Mentioned is an idea I also had and shared on Twitter: this really could be done with an app and a number of one-click actions.

  • “I don’t think we can call ourselves the Northern version of anything until they call themselves the Southern version of us,”.

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    Want to solve a big problem for the Home Intranet of Things? Figure out how to reliably do TLS (HTTPS) within the home network in the 192.168.X.X range.

  • DIY. Video at link.

  • 30 minute video of Stephen Wolfram talking about Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Language, A New Kind of Science. About 35 minutes, worth the watch if you’re not familiar already

  • “Why TypeScript may finally break through as a compile to JavaScript solution”