• Tears of laughter.

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    Good article on disruption.

  • Even if you’re not interested in the next iPhone, this is some lovely detective work.

  • AWS has added Smart Home Skills to control TV sets and other Entertainment Devices.

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    But what most people don’t realize is that all these breakthroughs are, in essence, the same breakthrough. They’ve all been made possible by a family of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques popularly known as deep learning, though most scientists still prefer to call them by their original academic designation: deep neural networks.

  • This is interesting, though likely doomed. It’s a way of building hardware extensions to Motorola Android phones. In the Apple store do you notice those clunky credit card machines mated to iPhones. This type of technology solves that underlying issue. 

    There’s even a board that lets you plug in Raspberry Pi hats onto the phone.

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    So now you can’t go around town with your WiFi on. It can (theoretically - this exploit has not been seen in the wild) spread by turning an infected system into a hub. 

    Researchers from Exodus Intel recently published details on a flaw that exists on several Broadcom WiFi chipsets. It’s estimated to affect nearly 1 Billion devices, from Android to iPhone. Just to name a few in the top list:

    • Samsung Galaxy from S3 through S8, inclusive
    • All Samsung Notes3. Nexus 5, 6, 6X and 6P
    • All iPhones after iPhone 5
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    Interesting article, but I’m hard pressed to think of “what feature would my phone have if it wasn’t for patent wars”

  • Pricing is very attractive, e.g. if you want to do 500K month it’s 60 cents in the US. The cheapest Canadian (Zone 2) offering is a buck thirty, but that gets you a Mb per month.

    Hologram announced on Tuesday the world’s largest global cellular network dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, capable of working on 600 cellular networks in 200 countries 

    allowing customers to choose from a multitude of options, down to the kilobyte.

  • There’s a pile of articles here from ThingsCon.

  • jesus wept.

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    Worth the read, but reposting is not endorsing in this case.


  • “Florida’s Sunshine City” just made a huge leap forward in connecting city services to its nearly 260,000 residents. That’s because the Mayor’s Action Center in St. Petersburg, Florida just launched Citizen Connect, a visualization tool that maps and tracks all reported 311 requests from their SeeClickFix service to keep the city accountable and ensure issues are swiftly resolved.


  • According to several Swedish newspapers, the leaked data included:

    witness relocation program


  • In hindsight it feels like an obvious, and perfect, utilization of the technology. The clunky, AR device never really clicked with “cool cachet” in the public domain, but in the professional or industrial workplace it is turning out to be incredibly useful. Stripped of the Insta-photo, email-checking trimmings, the device is now being used to cleverly enhance workflows and make it easier for people to do their jobs. Google Glass is back from the dead.