• Xively’s story of SOLID 2015.

  • “Right now, today, in 2014 is the best time to start something on the internet”

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    TL;DR lose people or split up when the headcount exceeds 6.

  • I’ve been calling it “Enterprise Environment”, as in the Starship Enterprise. 

    Although Goodman is serious about the fact that screens are going to stop being the primary way we interact with the devices around us, he’s the first to admit that the Zero UI name isn’t meant to be taken literally. “It’s really meant to be a provocation,” Goodman admits. “There are always going to be user interfaces in some form of another, but this is about getting away from thinking about everything in terms of screens.”

  • Chart of Raspberry Pi cases available on Element14.

  • For future reference.

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    Read/Write Web article on McKinsey report. Hard to summarize, except that interoperability is critically needed and data isn’t being used to its full potential.

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    A number of Cisco IoT hardware products.


  • The challenge has been that existing products in the smart home already have some standards. Some communicate via ZigBee, a standard that includes both a radio and a software layer that governs how a device communicates. Others use Z-Wave, which is just a radio standard. On the industrial side the standards are many. The code that Microsoft has released into the open is called the AllJoyn Device Systems Bridge, and it allows companies to let their existing Internet of things interfaces speak to AllJoyn. Specially it supports Z-wave and BACnet, which is used in build automation.

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    $35 programmable WiFi gizmo.

  • Entreprenporn.

  • I wouldn’t draw too many conclusion from Apple patenting stuff, as they seem to do far more patents than products.

    Apple’s filing for “Customized location notification” describes a useful tweak to an existing iOS feature that allows users to send and receive custom event-based notifications from friends as they move through preset zones. Currently, Apple’s Find My Friends app in iOS 8 allows users to send current location, or request alerts when a friend passes over a geofence boundary, but lacks tools to integrate automatic text generation or multi-point tracking.

    As described, a first user requests that a second user share their location and agree to send and receive notification pushes via text, email string or other form of communication. When accepted, the first device sends over custom notification event data to the second device, including a description of the event and the ability to obtain or automatically generate custom notifications.

    From there, the second device may create a route to said event, which can be shared if route sharing is activated, and begin to broadcast custom notifications when it leaves or enters a predetermined geofenced zone. 

  • It’s like the PC revolution - it starts with hobbyists, but it doesn’t end there.

    While the Echo currently targets the consumer market, it won’t be long before the device and its progeny find their way onto business networks, according to Eric Rockwell, president and CIO of CentrexIT, an MSP based in San Diego, Calif., that partners with Amazon Web Services

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    It’s available on Amazon too.

  • A complete example of programming using Amazon Echo’s API (/ cloud service). Note that my faithful commenter “thebaldgeek” indicates here that it’s not quite ready for prime time yet.