• These days when a new board is released it’ll generally come with a radio, or two, and often be marketed as “the best way develop your next Internet of Things product.” Unfortunately quite a few of these boards have both a large footprint, and high power requirements.

    Which makes the mangOH somewhat refreshing, as it seems to be both small, and have low power requirements. The mangOH consumes as little as 5mA of current in deep sleep mode, while still being able to wait for a sensor interrupts from general I/O.

  • “Once you can spread from bulb to bulb, all you need to do is infect one (or a small number) of seed bulb(s) and let nature take its course.“

  • Because Wal-Mart believes Amazon uses AWS to subsidize competing with Wal-Mart, they won’t deal with you if you’re on AWS.

    “That was a deal breaker,” Lofty Labs President Casey Kinsey said. The service is the only one Lofty Labs ever developed to work on Azure. “Everybody knows that Wal-Mart will not play ball with you if you use AWS.”

  • Just noting for future reference, especially for the Live Objects platform and its pricing. €84.  

    Beside the hardware, you’ll also get 6 months free access to the Live Objects platform for device and data management, and 6 months free connectivity through the “IoT Connect Low Power” service, which would then costs 1€ to 2€ per month per object depending on volume.

  • Note to self: off-boarding.

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    I have no idea if this is true or not, and I have no idea whether AR is going to be - even inside gaming - more than a neat feature. The point of the article, I guess, is that the Apple implementation is really good, and doesn’t require additional sensors, etc.

  • Once they figure out how to mass produce car plants, we’re done.

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    TL;DR really not much has happened in the last seven years in car voice audio control.

  • TLS and VPN everything.

    The patent, aptly titled “Physical store online shopping control,” details a system that would prevent customers from comparing prices in Amazon stores by watching any online activity conducted over its wi-fi network, detecting any information of interest and responding by sending the shopper to a completely different web page — or even blocking internet use altogether.

    The patent clearly lays out how Amazon could employ the technology, saying the e-commerce giant could interfere in “the event that requested content is determined to be associated with or potentially associated with a competitor or an item of interest.” If Amazon doesn’t like what it sees, “information may be blocked” or the customer “may be redirected to other content,” such as an Amazon webpage.

    The control Amazon would have goes beyond your web browser, extending to your entire phone. In one example, Amazon says it could send you a text, push notification or email in response to what you’re looking at online.

  • Holy moley. I really liked the concept of the Edison, but it was twice as expensive as it should have been and had a weird Linux distro. 

    Then again, there are the products that die with a whimper, their passing marked only by a barely visible press release in an obscure corner of the Internet. Such as this week’s discontinuances from Intel, in a series of PDFs lodged on a document management server announcing the end of their Galileo (PDF), Joule (PDF), and Edison(PDF) lines. The documents in turn set out a timetable for each of the boards, for now they are still available but the last will have shipped by the end of 2017.

  • Noted because of the use of UWB, which I thought at one point was going to be a huge thing. But more generally, Estimote is cleverly setting up beacon networks where the devices are becoming more and more autoconfiguring.

    No pricing yet, but I assume they’ll be at least twice as expensive as current Estimote beacons.

  • This is a good read.

    Walmart is the largest seller of organic produce in the country.  Amazon and Walmart have been in some heated head to head competition for years.  Yesterday Walmart bought the Bonobos brand.  That’s nothing compared to Amazon going full bore into grocery.  Target, Costco, Meijer and the entrenched grocery gang are threatened for sure.

    I don’t think your fruit stand guy is threatened.  I don’t think your boutique butcher is threatened.  Those are very small niche markets.

    Strategically, this was a genius move on par with the baptism scene in The Godfather.


  • In other words, the model that allowed two bots to have a conversation—and use machine learning to constantly iterate strategies for that conversation along the way—led to those bots communicating in their own non-human language. If this doesn’t fill you with a sense of wonder and awe about the future of machines and humanity then, I don’t know, go watch Blade Runner or something.